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Trivia Thursday

  1. Darth Vader’s title was Dark Lord of the…?
  2. In Daniel Keyes’ 1966 novel Flowers For Algernon, who is Algernon?
  3. What was Molecule Man’s real name?
    A) Jack Vance
    B) Owen Reece
    C) George Wayne
    D) John Stark
    E) Hal Jordon
  4. Woody Woodpecker is alluded to, or can be seen, in almost every post-1950 film made by what noted producer of SF classics?
  5. What is the name of the spacecraft which the HAL 9000 controlled?
  6. Which actor was the original choice to play Dr. Zaius in Planet of the Apes?
  7. Around what planet does Babylon 5 orbit?
  8. Who wrote Space Chantey, a 1968 version of The Odyssey?
  9. By what title is Poul & Kornbluth’s novel Gravy Planet more commonly known?
  10. Name Martin Landau’s character on Space:1999.

(Answers below the fold)

  1. Dark Lord of the Sith
  2. A mouse
  3. B) Owen Reece
  4. George Pal, because of his friendship with Woody’s creator, Walter Lantz. In The Time Machine, for example, a young girl carries a Woody Woodpecker doll.
  5. Discovery One
  6. Edward G. Robinson. Unfortunately, Robinson had a weak heart and one trip to the make-up chair was all it took to convince him that he wasn’t up to the task of going through the laborious four-plus hour routine every day for the film.
  7. Epsilon 3 in the Epsilon Eridani star system.
  8. R.A. Lafferty
  9. The Space Merchants
  10. Landau played Alpha Moonbase commander John Koenig.
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