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It’s Alive! (With Your Help)

Jamie Lu Dunbar, the creator of BANG! The Universe Verse, is planning a sequel which will explore the origin and evolution of life on Earth. Where BANG! was fine in black and white (being mostly about space), IT’S ALIVE! would be much more compelling in color. Creating the required color illustrations will require an upgrade in Jamie’s technology, so he’s asking for the help of fans.

He’s set up a Kickstarter website with a short video explaining his needs, and a button to donate. There’s something in it for you: If he raises the funds he needs, he’ll make the second book available as a free PDF on his site (which is what he did with the first one).

Promoting solid information about evolution is never a bad thing; click over and help a unicellular organism out.

(via The Meming of Life)

Posted in Science August 27th, 2010 by Chip
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