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Trivia Thursday

  1. In what novel does Stanislaw Lem create the ultimate bureaucracy?
  2. In The Matrix, what is the name of Morpheus’ “hovercraft?”
  3. What book begins with the line, “Looking back to all that has occured to me since that eventful day, I am scarcely able to believe in the reality of my adventures?”
  4. What was the first and only U.S. mission to Mercury?
  5. Which of these is not a part of the Childe Cycle?
    A) Dorsai
    B) Necromancer
    C) Tactics Of Mistake
    D) The Dragon And The George
    E) The Final Encyclopedia
  6. Sales of this film’s score were better than sales of movie tickets. Name this 1980 movie (based on a well-known cartoon), and name the band who did its theme.
  7. Robert A. Heinlein’s If This Goes On… is sometimes known as Revolt in _____?
  8. What bleakly futuristic 1979 film stars Paul Newman as a seal hunter in a frozen city of a post-industrial wasteland?
  9. Who were the Sardaukar?
  10. In Ed Wood, Bill Murray plays Ed Wood’s friend and occasional actor Bunny Breckinridge. In Plan 9 From Outer Space, what character did the real Breckinridge play?

(Answers below the fold)

  1. Memoirs Found In A Bathtub
  2. Morpheus’ ship was the Nebuchadnezzar. In the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar was the king who was looking for Christ when he was born, similar to Morpheus’ quest for “The One.”
  3. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  4. Mariner 10
  5. D) The Dragon And The George. Dickson wrote them all, but Dragon is a standalone.
  6. o/~ Flash! Ah-aaah!… o/~ Flash Gordon, with theme song by Queen.
  7. Revolt in 2100
  8. Quintet
  9. The Emperor’s storm troopers from Frank Herbert’s Dune.
  10. The ruler of the aliens.
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