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Happily Ever After

Han and LeiaOver at Wondermark, David Malki got to thinking about all those movie couples who, it’s assumed, stay together after the credits roll. They’ve grown old together, raising kids and puttering happily around somewhere in suburbia. What must they look like now?

I present the following as aids to your imagination, helping you to picture the lives of these fictional characters extended out ten, twenty, thirty years until the strange story of their first, accidental meeting is family legend retold every Thanksgiving to the grandchildren: “You know I used to fly Tomcats in the Navy — well, one day, Grandma waltzed into my classroom at Miramar, and I about flipped my lid. I told her about a MiG I’d seen recently, and she tried to freeze me out. And then I played volleyball for a while with Uncle Iceman.”

Some of them are…arresting.


Posted in Ephemera June 29th, 2010 by Chip
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