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Link Dump

R2D2 Costume – Warning: May burn your eyes out.

Savage Chickens – This just amused me.

Time Traveler Caught in Museum Photo? – Extremely cool (although sadly explicable) photo.

Giant Lego Tarantula – This is…just what it says it is. Yowza.

How to Speak Zombie – Learn the language and blend in seamlessly when the apocalypse comes.

Miskatonic University Hazard Labels – Downloadable labels warning of various dire supernatural hazards.

Reading – Exactly.

The Internets – There’s a “ghost in the machine” joke in here somewhere.

The Loving Dead – In the runup to print publication, writer Amelia Beamer is serializing her novel about “sex and zombies” online.

Posted in Ephemera April 20th, 2010 by Chip
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