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Link Dump

Stamps from the Future – Postage stamps “commemorating” the first AI to pass the Turing Test, the achievement of FTL, and more.

Saarlac “Pitlow” Monster – Soft sculpture created for the “Stitch Wars” competition. I love the little Boba Fett helmet detail.

From Sand to Silicon – Neat presentation from Intel showing how computer chips are made.

Top Ten Ironic Ads from History – From Union Carbide to a safe driving PSA from James Dean.

The Top Seven Sexiest Women of Fantasy – I completely agree with #1.

Two Lovecraft Travelogues: A Short Tour of Lovecraftian New England and A New England Odyssey

Flip-top Zombie Shirt – This is hilarious.

The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk – Interesting project from Evil Mad Scientist Labs. If you tinker with electronics and have a lot of leftovers, you might want to get involved.

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