Upcoming Worldcons

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Denver to host 2008 WorldCon

Denvention III will be the 66th World Science Fiction Convention. It will be held August 6 – 10, 2008. The Guests of Honor will be Lois McMaster Bujold, Tom Whitmore, and Wil McCarthy.

In at three way race, Denver won by one of the closest margins in any years. Columbus was eliminated after finishing 3rd in the balloting. After the Columbus votes were redistributed, Denver had 672 cotes to Chicago’s 660.

667 votes were needed to win.

The facilities will be the Colorado Convention Center and 1,225 room Adam’s Mark Hotel. Several other hotels are within walking distance.

Attending memberships will be available at $130 through the balance of 2006, with discounts for individuals who supported the bid or voted in site selection.

Also …
Upcoming bids:

Kansas City and Montreal in 2009 (to be decided next year in Yokohama — I hope that the mail-in vote will be high)

Uncontested Australia in 2010 bid (which means someone needs to bid for a NASFic)

A bid from Seattle in 2011 was announced at the WSFS business meeting on Sunday. The bid from Washington DC seems to have dropped from sight – at least their website did.

Mentioned only in mutters – a possible TEXAS bid! No year mentioned. (Oh, Techyooooo?)
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