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Link Dump

Transformers Producers Secure Rights to Space Invaders – I think this line from the article sums it up: “The Hollywood Reporter has claimed that the pair are trying to find a suitable writer to create a script, which we simply cannot fathom.”

Alien Facehugger Pillow Set – Tutorial for making plush xenomorphs. Not bad for a human.

SF Furniture – A roundup. The H.R. Giger chairs are kind of awesome.

Space Shuttle Discovery – A 360-degree view of the Discovery’s flight deck. This is just gorgeous.

Dalek Dress – Instructions for making a cute Dalek-inspired cocktail dress.

Cathedral with Star Destroyer – What can’t star destroyers improve?

First and Last Shuttle Launch – Chris Bray and his father were at both the first and the last space shuttle launch and they took photos at both. More at Reddit.

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