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Link Dump

redandjonny – Tumblr photoblog devoted to a couple who like to dress up in stormtrooper helmets.

The Lost TinTin Book – I’d read this.

Chocolate Cthulhu – Artist Paul Carrick posted a fake chocolate Cthulhu as a prank and got such an overwhelming response that now he’s going to actually make them. (Hat tip to CJ)

The Three Ages of NerdExactly.

Buntacles – The cutest mashup of a bunny and a cephalopod that you’re ever likely to see. First you snorgle it, and then it eats your face off.

Myths RETOLD – Hi-larious stream-of-consciousness recounting of various myths and legends. You will laugh.

Play Dead – Potential movie (they need funding to finish it) that appears to amount to “The Incredible Journey” with zombies.

Just Your Typical Office – Gorgeous steampunk-themed office.

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