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Link Dump

Celestial Buddies – Adorable plush celestial objects. I take exception to their claim that they are accurately scaled, since the Sun is only about twice as large as the Earth. Anyway, cute.

Astronaut Training Party – Deeply awesome theme for a child’s party.

Science: How to Fake It – This is too true to be funny.

20 Forgotten Old-School Video Games – I would totally play the Gypsy Curse edition of Oregon Trail.

The Physics of Clown Cars – With equations and everything.

Commodore USA – The Commodore C-64 is being re-released, only with modern hardware under the hood. I’m trying to decide if this is an elaborate prank or not.

Access Main Computer File – A site devoted to computer screens seen in movies.

George Takei Ringtone – A recording of his rather distinctive “Oh My.” Proceeds go to charity.

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