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Vintage Films of the Early Space Race Cut Into Music Video

via BoingBoing Submitterator

Chiptune band Beta to the Max created a music video by cutting together animated, public domain clips from vintage Department of Defense films produced during the space race

I’m completely awed. WOW!

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Trivia Thursday

  1. Dr. Charles A. Forbin was the chief designer of a secret highly-advanced computer called what?
  2. The “Ultimate Computer” in the original Star Trek episode of that title was:
    A) V’Ger
    B) Excalibur
    C) Noah
    D) M5
    E) Daystrom 9
  3. In addition to his famous robots, Isaac Asimov also had a UNIVAC-like computer which showed up in many of his stories, including “Franchise,” “Jokester,” “The Last Question,” and “Point of View.” What was the computer called?
  4. What computer was designed to provide the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
  5. In Iain M. Banks’ “Culture” novels, starships, planets and orbitals have their own self-conscious, hyperintelligent machines which are known as what?
  6. GWB-666 (an acronym for Great Western Beast 666), is the central computer of what secret society?
  7. Which of these is NOT a computer from one of Roger Zelazny’s stories?
    A) Frost
    B) Maxine
    C) Shalmaneser
    D) Ghostwheel
    E) Loki 7281
  8. What cartoon character’s job was being the digital index operator for the computer Referential Universal Digital Indexer (RUDI)?
  9. In this 1983 film, the computer WOPR almost starts a global thermonuclear war before playing tic-tac-toe against itself convinces it that war is pointless.
  10. The computer system on the planet Gallifrey which acts as the repository of the combined knowledge of the Time Lords is:
    A) The Master
    B) Rassilon
    C) The Matrix
    D) Shayde
    E) Pandora

(Answers below the fold)

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Link Dump

Celestial Buddies – Adorable plush celestial objects. I take exception to their claim that they are accurately scaled, since the Sun is only about twice as large as the Earth. Anyway, cute.

Astronaut Training Party – Deeply awesome theme for a child’s party.

Science: How to Fake It – This is too true to be funny.

20 Forgotten Old-School Video Games – I would totally play the Gypsy Curse edition of Oregon Trail.

The Physics of Clown Cars – With equations and everything.

Commodore USA – The Commodore C-64 is being re-released, only with modern hardware under the hood. I’m trying to decide if this is an elaborate prank or not.

Access Main Computer File – A site devoted to computer screens seen in movies.

George Takei Ringtone – A recording of his rather distinctive “Oh My.” Proceeds go to charity.

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This Kid is Going to Go Places

During a trip to Disneyland, Sariah Gallego was chosen from the audience to battle Darth Vader. She decided to switch sides instead.

I particularly like the reactions from the storm troopers in the background.

(via io9, who points out that their source titled this, “Kids Turn to the Darndest Sides”)

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Seen Online

“IT WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME!” – if M. Night Shyamalan directed Schrödinger’s Cat

Liz Taylor instructed she arrive 15 min late to her own funeral. I’ve instructed my body disappear down a sudden wormhole.

Think your job sucks? Remember, there’s a satellite whose job is beaming episodes of ‘According to Jim’ to Earth.

Disney should do a movie about a princess that talks to woodland creatures and they convince her to go to grad school.

Little kids need to be taught that the 5th time they ask the same question, their grandpa will be eaten by a robot wolf.

Left the waitress a tip of $4.04. Now I’m concerned she won’t be able to find it.

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I’m Sold

George Takei should be Spider Man.

I kind of want to be George Takei when I grow up.

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Trivia Thursday

  1. The monstrous supercomputer in Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” is known as AM. What did those initials ORIGINALLY stand for?
  2. The “evermind,” or controlling intelligence, of the robots in the Legends of Dune series was called:
    A) Mother
    B) Edessa
    C) Omnius
    D) La’al
    E) Caliban
  3. In Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, the self-aware computer’s name is “Mike.” What is “Mike” short for?
  4. One of the main “characters” in Ken MacLeod’s Cassini Division is a planet which is the home of transhumanists who uploaded their personalities. Which planet is it?
  5. In the “Oh My Goddess!” anime series, the heavenly computer that maintains reality is:
    A) Celestin
    B) Yggdrasil
    C) Verdandi
    D) Urd
    E) Skuld
  6. What is the name of the magic-powered computer at Unseen University in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series?
  7. Cyberdyne Systems Corporation was responsible for creating this computer, which in turn tried to wipe out humanity with its Terminator robots.
  8. “When H.A.R.L.I.E. Was One” was written by what author?
  9. In William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the AI by that name eventually merges with another AI called what?
  10. The HAL 9000 came online at the H.A.L. Laboratory in Urbana, Illinois, and his “first instructor” was whom?
    A) Dr. Leonov
    B) Dr. Hofstadter
    C) Dr. Poole
    D) Dr. Weaver
    E) Dr. Chandra

(Answers below the fold)

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Geeky Growth Chart

geeky dad’s daughter is about to turn one, so he made an appropriately geeky growth chart to record her progress. He’s also made the file available for download if you want to print one for your own nascent geek.

So Princess Leia is taller than Frodo but not quite as tall as a Dalek. Good to know.

Growth Chart

(via Blame it On the Voices)

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(via Rue the Day!)

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Scott Adams has an interesting meditation on the economics of privacy. He makes a good point–the less privacy everyone has, the cheaper it is to be “safe.”

You wouldn’t need police to catch speeders. Cars would automatically report the speed and location of every driver. That sucks, you say, because you usually speed, and you like it. But consider that speed limits in this hypothetical town would be much higher than normal because every car would be aware of the location of every other car, every child, and every pet. Accidents could be nearly eliminated.

Healthcare costs might plunge with the elimination of privacy. For example, your pill container would monitor whether you took your prescription pills on schedule. I understand that noncompliance of doctor-ordered dosing is a huge problem, especially with older folks.

It’s really rather horrifying.

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