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Trivia Thursday

  1. Who wrote Forbidden Planet?
  2. On The X-Files, what was Scully’s father nickname for her?
    A) Princess
    B) Starbuck
    C) Angel
    D) Pumpkin
    E) Spooky
  3. Who were the Sardaukar?
  4. Harry Stubbs wrote SF under the name Hal Clement. Under what name did he paint astronomy-themed artwork?
  5. In the Peter Hamilton series known as “The Night’s Dawn Trilogy,” a rift has opened and the dead are escaping into our realm. Name any of the books in the trilogy.
  6. What George R.R. Martin book features a cat- and mushroom-loving character?
    A) Hard Times
    B) Catseye
    C) The Long Trip
    D) Catspaw
    E) Tuf Voyaging
  7. In one of the earliest novels to treat vampirism as an infectious disease, this author’s Children of the Night follows an outbreak of Vampire that begins in Romania.
  8. In this Vernor Vinge novel, the Milky Way is divided into four concentric zones, the Unthinking Depths, the Slow Zone, the Beyond and the Transcend. Name it!
  9. In one of the best stories ever written on the theme of the South having won the Civil War, Ward Moore’s fine historical sense led him to describe some perhaps unexpected consequences; in a less affluent North the presidency is won three times by William Jennings Bryan, and in a backlash against the prewar antislavery movement the Grand Army of the Republic, the Union veterans’ organization, becomes a terrorist outfit like the Klan. Name the novel.
  10. Who was NOT a member of Buckaroo Banzai’s Hong Kong Cavaliers?
    A) Reno Nevada
    B) Perfect Tommy
    C) Rawhide
    D) Pinky Carruthers
    E) Long Tom

(Answers below the fold)

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