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Trivia Thursday

  1. What book begins with the line, “Are we rising again?”
  2. Who played Mork’s son on Mork and Mindy?
  3. In A Boy and His Dog, what was the dog’s name?
  4. What was the last city on Earth in Arthur Clarke’s The City and the Stars (also known as Against the Fall of Night)?
  5. Which was not amongst “The Powers of Matthew Star?”
    A) Telepathy
    B) Astral Projection
    C) Levitation
    D) Telekinesis
    E) Clairvoyance
  6. In what 1979 film does H.G. Wells pursue Jack the Ripper to modern day San Francisco?
  7. In this alternate-history novel by Kim Newman, Dracula has escaped Van Helsing and married the widowed Queen Victoria. A fictional laundry list of characters, from Dr. Fu Manchu to Allan Quatermain, make an appearance.
  8. In William Gibson’s Count Zero, several AIs take on the identities of Voodoo “loas” or gods. Which of these is NOT a loa?
    A) Danbala Wedo
    B) Ougou Feray
    C) Baron Samedi
    D) Oreille Singe
    E) Ezili Freda
  9. Harry Stubbs wrote SF novels under what pseudonym?
  10. This collaboration by Roger Zelazny and Fred Saberhagen features an alternate-time version of Edgar Allan Poe as its hero.

(Answers below the fold)

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