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Trivia Thursday

  1. Which TV series was based on the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin?
    A) The Questor Tapes
    B) Battlestar Galactica
    C) Small Wonder
    D) Not Quite Human
    E) The Six Million Dollar Man
  2. A colony world has used its powerful technology to recreate Hindu culture, whose elite assume the roles of the gods. The hero first rebels against these “gods” on their own terms, but then opposes them more successfully with a new faith. Which Roger Zelazny novel is this?
  3. Five years before guest-starring on Star Trek, this actor represented Jack Ruby and managed to keep him off death row for shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.
  4. What science fiction work inspired the alien designs in the original Space Invaders video game?
  5. The line, “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent,” is spoken by whom?
    A) Salvor Hardin
    B) Ford Prefect
    C) Ender Wiggin
    D) Biggs Darklighter
    E) Khan Noonian Singh
  6. In Keith Laumer’s Retief series, what is the name of Retief’s boss/sidekick?
  7. Ray Bradbury’s book The Silver Locusts is better known by what name?
  8. What is the name of the Star Beast in Robert A. Heinlein’s young adult novel of the same name?
  9. Who is the hero of The Futurological Congress, by Stanislaw Lem?
    A) Ion Tichy
    B) Douglas Archer
    C) Paul Hoehler
    D) Mucho Maas
    E) Gil Hamilton
  10. The Caloris Basin can be found on which planet?

(Answers below the fold)

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Dear Twilight Fans…

Letterpress Card

Letterpress card available on Etsy

(via Blame it On the Voices)

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Toccata and Fugue in D: Drive

It’s not uncommon for computer hobbyists to use vintage floppy drives* for uses other than they were originally intended. George Whiteside has connected four drives to a micocontroller and uses them in a rendition of “Phantom of the Floppera.”

This is the kind of thing geeks do to amuse ourselves.

(via Neatorama)

*As someone who learned to program on a Commodore 64, I would like to register an audible wince at the concept of floppy drives being veritable antiques.

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Seen Online

Your father wanted you to have this lightsaber. I mean, he was screaming in pain at the time but I’m sure that’s what he meant. -Obi Wan.

If we are ever invaded by aliens, the first thing we should do is yawn just to see how much we have in common.

I work at a reverse suicide hotline. We cold call people who should seriously consider killing themselves, like Mel Gibson, for example.

“Use your Endor voice.” -Ewok teacher

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Scenes from an Alternate Past

VladI am a complete sucker for faux “artifacts” that evoke mysterious pasts and forgotten history. Assemblages in particular just thrill me: Dodgy-looking parchment, strangely misshapen specimens in jars, and tools which hint at some eldritch purpose…these are a few of my favorite things.

Here are some spiffy ones that I’ve run across recently that I’d love to add to my (largely imaginary) collection.

The Dragon’s Path by JasonMcKittrick – This is a collection of documents which follow the search for Vlad the Impaler’s lost treasure. There’s a neat backstory and some really good-looking “old” letters and drawings.

Necromancer’s Briefcase and Portable Demon Oracle by FraterOrion – Both are chock-full of tools, equipment, and unidentifiable organic bits for use in summoning eldritch forces.

Steampunk Vampyre Slaying Kit by saqaxiwan – Destroying the spawn of the undead…with science! I just love the swoopy no-nonsense look of the gun, and how neat and shiny all of the equipment is. This is clearly the property of a gentleman who hunts nosferatu as a hobby.

Field Research Kit by Julian DiMarco – A Lovecraft-inspired kit for reanimating dead things. I like the nicely-organized look of the case, and the “logical” idea of practicing on a small skeleton before moving on to more dangerous reanimations.

Menes the Vampyr Pharaoh by Alex CF – Alex CF is a master of the assemblage, and his entire site is worth perusing. This “alternate history” box which details the reign of a mysterious vampiric pharaoh is wonderfully evocative.

After looking at all of these, I think I’m going to have to make another Vampire Slayer’s Kit. Time to start haunting eBay for Latin prayer books….

(Hat tip to Propnomicon for the Dragon’s Path and Necromancer’s Briefcase links)

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Trivia Thursday

  1. This fan-favorite character from the original Star Wars trilogy debuted, not in the movies, but in the infamous 1978 “Star Wars Holiday Special.”
  2. Who is the only actor with credited appearances in all five Star Trek TV series?
  3. Which 1955 film concerned an astronaut who turns into an amorphous blob and is finally defeated in Westminster Abbey?
    A) It: The Terror from Beyond Space
    B) The Quatermass Experiment
    C) The Thing from Another World
    D) The Incredible Melting Man
    E) Night of the Blood Beast
  4. A crucial scene in Slaughterhouse-Five involves the bombing of what city?
  5. What was Klaatu’s “Earth name,” taken from the laundry tag of a suit he borrowed?
  6. If you want to see the Crab Nebula, at which constellation should you point your telescope?
    A) Taurus
    B) Pisces
    C) Cancer
    D) Serpentarius
    E) Capricorn
  7. In Minority Report, Precrime officer John Anderton has been addicted to a psychoactive drug since the disappearance of his son. What is the name of the drug?
  8. In the movie When Worlds Collide, what is the name given to the planet to which humanity flies the “ark” spaceship?
  9. The Chronicles of Riddick was technically a sequel to what movie?
  10. Name the two races of far-future people in The Time Machine.

(Answers below the fold)

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This is Utterly Wonderful

You have to pity the obsessiveness admire the dedication of anyone who sifts through a bazillion hours of old TV shows looking for juuuust the right scenes to string together into something like this.

(via Topless Robot)

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Link Dump

Goodnight Dune – “Goodnight recruits, goodnight stillsuits….”

International Star Wars Posters – A roundup at Buzzfeed.

I, Cthulhu – Amusing short story by Neil Gaiman.

The Ultimate Photobomb – Yes, it’s ‘shopped, but it’s still funny.

14 Great But Lesser-Known Fantasy Novels for Li’l Nerds – A roundup by Topless Robot. Some great suggestions for the Li’l Nerds in your life.

Zombie Walks a Dog – Wait for it….

Whoops I think I broke it… – Small collection of tutorials for making props (with entertaining photo captions). I particularly like the Thing in a Jar.

Astronom-O’s – Fake “concept” breakfast cereal. I heart this so very, very much.

David Lynch’s “Return of the Jedi” – This is surprisingly accurate.

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Random Link #5

Due to unavoidable out-of-townedness, there will be no new posts until Tuesday. Instead, please to enjoy a selection of random links.

Heavens Above

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Random Link #4

Due to unavoidable out-of-townedness, there will be no new posts until next Tuesday. Instead, please to enjoy a selection of random links.

Uchronia: The Alternate History List

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