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Chuck Darwin

In celebration of Darwin Day, Tree Lobsters combined the Chuck Norris Facts meme with Darwin to create something truly awesome:

Chuck Darwin

There’s a blank image available so you can make your own caption.

And #chuckdarwinfacts was also an entertaining hashtag on Twitter.

@arensb: The Drake equation is missing a term: the percentage of civilizations Chuck Darwin has allowed to live. #chuckdarwinfacts

@kzelnio: Just the mere mention of Chuck Darwin will cause your genome to undergo spontaneous mutation #chuckdarwinfacts

@ScienceVsPseudo: Dinosaurs evolved flight to escape from Chuck Darwin. #chuckdarwinfacts

@OnyxSparrow: Bananas didn’t evolve to fit into the human hand, they evolved to more easily huddle together in fear of Charles Darwin #chuckdarwinfacts


Posted in Humor February 15th, 2011 by Chip
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