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Woke up with the head of a tauntaun in my bed. Next I’ll be fitted for a pair of carbonite shoes and dropped into the Dagobah swamp.


It’d be awkward if the Apocalypse came, but it was the Apocalypse of a dead religion? “Oh, uh, we’ve been waiting for this other dude…”

“Effects of Long-Term Surprise Barbiturate Use on the Human Brain: A (Personal) Case Study,” by Dr. Bosco Albert Baracus

Yo mamma so fat, she sat on a binary tree and flattened it into a linked list in O(1) time.

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Amusing Music Video

The delivery is mediocre, but’s “Tonight I’m Frakking You” features a plethora of minor geek celebrities and is nerdery at its finest.

(via io9)

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Trivia Thursday

  1. In this famous short story by H.P. Lovecraft, a meteorite brings some strange “thing” to Earth which lays waste to a farm and drives the farmer and his family mad. Is it:
    A) The Green Meadow
    B) The Horror at Red Hook
    C) The Colour Out of Space
    D) The Doom That Came to Sarnath
    E) The Lurking Fear
  2. The novel Bone Song tells the story of Tristopolis, a city where death is worshipped and where dead things provide the energy used to power the city. Who is its author, better known for his “Nulapeiron” series?
  3. Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October tells of a struggle to keep the Great Old Ones from coming through a portal, and is narrated by Snuff, a dog who is the companion to what famous murderer?
  4. Although never mentioned in the movies, in the book Frankenstein’s monster had a first name. What was it?
  5. The cheela inhabit the surface of what in Robert Forward’s Dragon’s Egg?
  6. When HAL was being dismantled in 2001: A Space Odyssey, what did he sing?
  7. What was the title of Frank Herbert’s first book?
  8. What is Gethen?
  9. Before Kate Mulgrew took over the role, what actress was originally slated to play Captain Janeway?
  10. In Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, the Martians first land in Grover’s Mill, NJ. Where do the Martians in the original book first land?
    A) Horsell Common
    B) Pyford
    C) Bushey Heath
    D) Shepperton
    E) Primrose Hill

(Answers below the fold)

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The Cars of Tomorrow

Popular Mechanics released this glimpse of the “near future” in 1948.

The Paleofuture blog has more.

(via The Presurfer)

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Hee Hee Hee

Atheist Vader

(via Pharyngula)

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Space Crafts

For you crafty sorts, here’s a roundup of space- and SF-related projects.

Moon Embroidery – Incredible textured piece depicting the lunar surface.

“Slice of Jupiter” Scarf – Lovely striated scarf, complete with Great Red Spot.

Stellar Quilts – Etsy seller specializing in quilted depictions of nebulae, galaxies, and other celestial objects.

Jules Verne Cake – Gorgeous “tribute” cake that combines elements from A Trip to the Moon and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Yoda Tea Towel – Cute embroidered “Days of the Week” tea towel. Thursday’s chore is foraging.

Stargate Fair Isle Hat – Traditional fair isle pattern which subtly incorporates the Stargate symbols. There’s a tutorial at Ravelry, but it requires registration.

Greedo Amigurumi – The cutest little Greedo that you’ll ever see.

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Play the Last Starfighter

StarfighterRogue Synapse is a resource site devoted to recreating the cabinets and software for fictional arcade games seen in movies. Their projects include “Space Paranoids” from TRON, “Starfighter” from The Last Starfighter, and “Graboid” from Tremors 2.

They’ve made the “Starfighter” software available for free download here. I’m assuming that if you win, zombie Robert Preston shows up to validate you.

(via Big Dumb Object)

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Trivia Thursday

  1. What was the title of George Lucas’ first feature-length SF movie?
  2. In the marvelously cheesy Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, where did Buck find a new home?
    A) New York
    B) New Chicago
    C) New Orleans
    D) New Philadelphia
    E) New Denver
  3. Reed Richards is the alter ego of what superhero?
  4. What classic SF novel is divided into three sections, titled “Fiat Lux,” “Fiat Homo,” and “Fiat Voluntus Tua?”
  5. Crysknives are made from the teeth of these enormous beasts.
  6. John W. Campbell, Jr.’s novella Who Goes There? inspired two movies. What were their titles?
  7. In Carl Sagan’s novel, what is the name of the project which finally makes “Contact?”
  8. What story title did Joan Vinge borrow from Hans Christian Andersen?
  9. WestWorld, along with MedievalWorld and RomanWorld, make up the robotic amusement park called what?
  10. In this 1959 B-movie, Eros and Tanna, representatives of a highly advanced alien culture, are determined to destroy Earth before our scientists discover a bomb which will explode sunlight.

(Answers below the fold)

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Oregon Trail Street Sign

Oregon Trail Sign

(via Blame it On the Voices)

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Chuck Darwin

In celebration of Darwin Day, Tree Lobsters combined the Chuck Norris Facts meme with Darwin to create something truly awesome:

Chuck Darwin

There’s a blank image available so you can make your own caption.

And #chuckdarwinfacts was also an entertaining hashtag on Twitter.

@arensb: The Drake equation is missing a term: the percentage of civilizations Chuck Darwin has allowed to live. #chuckdarwinfacts

@kzelnio: Just the mere mention of Chuck Darwin will cause your genome to undergo spontaneous mutation #chuckdarwinfacts

@ScienceVsPseudo: Dinosaurs evolved flight to escape from Chuck Darwin. #chuckdarwinfacts

@OnyxSparrow: Bananas didn’t evolve to fit into the human hand, they evolved to more easily huddle together in fear of Charles Darwin #chuckdarwinfacts


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