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Link Dump

H.R. Giger Webstore – Giger’s official store, featuring jewelry and other cast items based on his artwork.

The Surreal Treehoppers – We really don’t need to look very far to find seriously alien-looking life.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Now we know.

The House of Mouse – Etsy seller specializing in little felt mice, dressed up in elaborate costumes. They’ve recently added a whole line of Star Wars-themed rodents, and whose life wouldn’t be enriched by Mouse Vader?

Darren Criss Yearbook Quote – I’m jealous that I didn’t think of this when I was in high school.

Transcending the Human, DIY Style – Short article on a woman who’s engaging in homebrew biohacking.

You vs. The Morning – Amusing personalized travel mug.

Hijinks Ensue – I have even more respect for Ben Franklin.

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