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Custom Carbonites

Custom CarboniteSculptor Paul Pape, who creates “general geekery” like wedding cake toppers shaped like World of Warcraft characters and Coraline-esque button eyes, is now offering Custom Carbonites: Supply him with a photo and he will sculpt a customized image (face, clothing, and pose) “encased in carbonite.” All for a surprisingly reasonable $50.

The sculptures aren’t edible, but I expect you could use them to create candy molds if you were so inclined.

He had an original run of 200 planned and promised them in time for Christmas, but since he was BoingBoinged he’s apparently already hit that cap. He’s lifting the numeric restriction, but can’t promise that they’ll be ready for the holidays.

I’m sure they’ll be ready by Life Day.

(via BoingBoing)

Posted in Movies & TV November 22nd, 2010 by Chip
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