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Trivia Thursday

  1. John W. Campbell rejected Robert Heinlein’s novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Which editor, now recognized by the SFWA as a Grand Master author, did buy TMIAHM?
  2. Name the corporate boss who insists that Jonathan E must retire.
    A) Mr. Bartholomew
    B) Theora Jones
    C) Mr. Lorimar
    D) Ben Cheviot
    E) Mr. Lynch
  3. What is the name of the leader of Pierson’s Pupeteers?
  4. By what “civilian” name do we know The Thing, one of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four?
  5. Who was the villain in the 1979 flick Time After Time?
  6. This Robert L. Forward novel is about a race that evolves on the surface of a neutron star and which lives on a vastly compressed time scale, but nevertheless manages to make contact with human observers. Name it.
  7. In Frank Herbert’s Dune, the natives of the planet Arrakis are known as what?
  8. John Amalfi destroys the Vegan Orbital Fort with what?
  9. In Ringworld, a Falan is a measurement of time equal to 10 rotations. How long is that in days?
  10. This unusually-cast adventure film combines Doug McClure, Cyd Charisse, and John Ratzenberger in a story about the search for an underwater city.

(Answers below the fold)

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