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Trivia Thursday

  1. It was an unpleasant profession, so who did it?
  2. The only way to get a death sentence in the Federation is to go where?
    A) Terminus
    B) Talos IV
    C) Kaitan
    D) Iscandar
    E) Yavin 4
  3. This author, known for graphic novels, adult fantasy, and Young Adult fantasy, Won the 2009 Newberry Award for best American children’s book of 2008 for The Graveyard Book. Name the author.
  4. What is the science fiction-inspired term for a hypothetical geologic event that launches material into space?
  5. This 1961 novel by Philip Jose Farmer, based on a story that he’d published in 1952 in “Startling Stories,” dealt with the illicit affair between a human and a humanoid alien, and turned the genre’s method of dealing with sexual themes upside-down.
  6. Allen Steele has built several novels around a world colonized by Americans fleeing a brutal theocracy. Depending on your point of view, this planet is named for either a common North American vermin, or the Native American trickster god. What is the planet called?
  7. Boskone is the name of the annual SF convention in Boston. What is it in SF literature?
  8. Golan Trevize’s scout ship had this name, the same as Hober Mallow’s earlier ship.
  9. What is the Toxic Avenger’s weapon of choice?
  10. What is Gordon R. Dickson’s all-encompassing name for the story told in his novel Dorsai! and related books?

(Answers below the fold)

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