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Trivia Thursday

  1. Who is the first of the 4th Expedition to be killed in Martian Chronicles?
    A) Parkhill
    B) Williams
    C) Biggs
    D) Lustig
    E) Hinkston
  2. In Lost in Space, what was the name of the Robinson’s spaceship?
  3. This writer, primarily known for short stories, wrote the novel Past Master.
  4. Which cartoonist played a cameo role on Babylon 5?
  5. Which two regular Star Trek (TOS) cast members appeared in the unaired pilot episode?
  6. Who is Nigel Walmsley?
  7. What is the planet Haven?
  8. In Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s sequel to their 1975 novel, Inferno, titled Escape From Hell, which author does the protagonist save from eternal damnation as a sentient tree in the “Wood of the Suicides?”
  9. Which of the following films is NOT based on a Philip K. Dick short story or novel?
    A) Gattaca
    B) Total Recall
    C) Screamers
    D) Blade Runner
    E) Next
  10. Wunderkind Samuel R. Delany published his first novel, The Jewels of Aptor, at what age?

(Answers below the fold)

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