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15-Year-Old Wil Wheaton Might be a Deadbeat…

…but grown-up Wil Wheaton is awesome.

Teresa Jusino of Pink Raygun recently wrote a humorous complaint about having sent off a subscription card for the Wil Wheaton fan club 21 years ago and never receiving a response.

Wheaton heard of her plight and responded, and wound up sending her an official fan club package and letter, addressed to “8-year-old Teresa Jusino.”

As she says:

Wil didn’t have to send this. He didn’t have to respond to my article. It was a humor piece that I wrote for fun, and while the thought of him reading it crossed my mind, I certainly wasn’t expecting him to, you know, do anything about it. But he did, in a really sweet way. And in doing so, he proved himself to be worthy of admiration not just for the cool blog posts, the stories he writes, the forums he heads up, or the roles he plays, but for being a pretty awesome human being. And for that, he gets a big thank you from Twenty-Nine Year Old Me. Don’t get me wrong. Eight Year Old Me is very, very pleased. But Twenty-Nine Year Old Me better knows the importance of a kind gesture, and hopes that her gratitude carries more weight.

That’s really rather wonderful.

(via Neatorama)

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