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Link Dump

Solar System Necklace – Neat necklace that represents the solar system, each bead being 20 million miles.

Geek Dad – Book of “awesomely geeky projects” for parents and kids to share; from the guy who does the GeekDad blog on

Two from the Star Wars shop:
Bow TIE Tuxedo Shirt
Slave Leia BBQ Apron

sergey-larenkov – Some neat photo blending: He takes vintage photos from WWII and mixes them into the same locations as they appear today.

Logan’s Run Pillow – Insanely complicated cross-stitch pillow.

The Star Thrower – Sweet cartoon that updates the old story about the kid throwing starfish back into the ocean.

Dr Who, Jesus and the Blurflurgh – The article itself sort of examines the Bible through the lens of Dr. Who; I just like the concept of a “Blurflurgh plot.”

Why Talk to a Computer? – Charlie Brooker’s Guardian column frequently makes me giggle.

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