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Link Dump

Clone Trooper Cupcakes – Tutorial for making the most adorable little troopers imaginable.

Super-Summer Vacations – From Latveria to Krypton, visit comics’ greatest tourist traps.

How to Fight a Fake-Looking Monster – Giggle. (See the follow-up cartoon here.)

Amazon, Woot, and You: But Mostly Woot – This is the best letter from a CEO in the history of corporations.

The Far Left Side – I can’t help but agree.

Accuracy in Labeling – Supernovae – Printable warning stickers.

The Big Idea: Larry Doyle – I love the concept of Doyle’s Go Mutants!

Heinlein’s Future History – A useful timeline.

Retro Video Propaganda Posters – These are just wonderful.

Where Would We be if We Taught Creationism As Science? – Exactly.

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