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Neat Retro Space Colony Print

Space Colony

BoingBoing has a reasonably new marketing venture, the BoingBoing Bazaar, where makers and other artists peddle interesting oddities. Illustrator Chris Reccardi has a new limited-edition print called 2464 Dream which is like a cross-section of Hugo Gernsback’s brain.

It’s lovely, and actually reasonably affordable. Limited to 250, at $65 each. Pretty!

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Oasis 23 Con Report

O*W*C members often send us reports that detail their experiences at various conventions. Joy V. Smith recently attended Oasis 23, and kindly sent us her report.

You can see the whole list of past reports here.

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“Cabinet of Curiosities” Auction

Auction Items

A Creationist “natural history” museum in Georgia is auctioning off its collection, and although I despair at giving money to charlatans, there’s some awesome stuff to be had. Items up for sale include:

  • authentic mammoth teeth
  • leaf fossils
  • 3-pc dinosaur fossil
  • woolly mammoth hair
  • dinosaur replicas
  • mummified cats from Egypt
  • carved and decorated hippo teeth
  • authentic skulls
  • mahogany hand-carved Chinese display case
  • urns
  • oils on canvas

Internet bidding is available and many items have no minimum bid, so even if you’re not in Georgia you might be able to get something marvelous. The auction begins June 25.

(via BoingBoing)

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Speak with Monsters

Speak with Monsters

The Bad Gods site has resurrected Speak with Monsters, a Webcomic about fantasy RPG monsters, particularly the silly ones. It comes along with amusing commentary, such as the one about the shrieker:

The amazing thing is, Gygax created the shrieker decades before the factory installed fungus-based car alarm system was invented.

I think the leprechaun is my favorite.

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Trivia Thursday

  1. This Donald Kingsbury novel involves a colony on an arid world in cultural extremis because of its lack of resources, and the central characters becoming involved with a challenge to its established order.
  2. Which author coined the term “cyberspace?”
  3. What was the name of the ship’s computer in Alien?
  4. Who was the main character in James Blish’s classic novel Doctor Mirabilis?
  5. What was Diaspar?
  6. What is written in large, friendly letters on the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
  7. In what year were the first Hugo Awards presented?
  8. The Robinsons were Lost in Space in their trusty spaceship. What was its name?
  9. Which Federation star ship in manned completely by Vulcans?
  10. Robert Silverberg wrote about the imprisonment of criminals in the late Cambrian age of Earth’s history in what 1968 novel?

(Answers below the fold)

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Newsflash: Vader Had Issues

A panel of French psychologists who apparently have too much time on their hands have just concluded an analysis of Anakin Skywalker’s life and concluded that the dude was a little nutty.

From the death of his beloved mother to an Emperor who was a clear destabilizing influence, poor ol’ Darth was doomed from the start. It’s a pity the Jedi Council didn’t do any psychological profiling before admitting new members.

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They’re Probably Not Parasitic Slug-Things

There’s new evidence of consumption of hydrogen that may suggest life on Titan.

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Adidas Does Star Wars

Adidas’ new “World Cup Party” ad splices an odd assortment of individuals into the Cantina scene. It’s on the “meh” side, but the ending is amusing.

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Bozo Fett

(From Para Abnormal)

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Trivia Thursday

  1. In this Arthur C. Clarke novel, Earth is on the verge of nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction but is saved by the intervention of benevolent aliens who have the form of traditional devils. Name it!
  2. This Spielberg film is about a young boy/robot who wakes up an amnesiac in the woods. Adopted by a pleasant family, he learns not to show his superintelligence and coordination but is soon located by the scientists who created him.
  3. In this Bruce Sterling novel there’s a plot involving data piracy and some nicely developed characters, including Laura, who goes out and has adventures while her husband takes care of the baby. Name it!
  4. The idea of using this “SF dream” to propel a spacecraft from the Earth to Mars was seen as early as 1880 in Percy Greg’s Across the Zodiac. The term then used was “apergy.” Today it’s known as?
  5. This author wrote of The Rowan, who had been the most powerful of telepaths in the Alliance, in Damien’s Children and Lyon’s Pride. Name her!
  6. What do these science fiction/fantasy writers have in common? John Jay Wells, Philip Briggs, Andrew North, Simon Lang, William Lamb.
  7. What is the name of the card game Captain Kirk “invented” in A Piece of the Action?
  8. Winston Smith is the main character of what novel?
  9. Name the Martian moons.
  10. In this novel by Walter M. Miller, Jr., the Earth plunges into a new dark age after nuclear war. Scientists, scapegoats blamed for the war, flee to monasteries, which shelter them.

(Answers below the fold)

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