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Trivia Thursday

  1. Who are the Draka?
  2. A vast alien spaceship passes through the solar system in this Arthur C. Clarke novel, using the Sun’s gravity to boost its velocity. Human explorers witness the brief blossoming of its artificial life system, but do not meet its makers. Name it!
  3. What SF magazine edited by Michael Moorcock was strongly associated with the SF “new wave” movement?
  4. Who used to go through the Wayback Machine?
  5. We is a dystopian novel by what Russian author?
  6. This useful term was coined by James Blish. His view was that in humanity’s colonization of other planets, we must either change the planet to make it habitable or change humanity itself to fit it for survival in an alien environment. The former idea is called terraforming. What is the latter idea called?
  7. For lack of a better word, the builders of the Riverworld were called this.
  8. These furry super-warriors envisioned by Larry Niven began and lost several wars against man.
  9. What is the second-largest planet in the solar system?
  10. In a future where technological sophistication has made the ersatz virtually indistinguishable from the real, the hero of this novel is a bounty hunter who must track down and eliminate androids passing for human. Name it!

(Answers below the fold)

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