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Link Dump

Voracious Brain – Awesome science-based stitchery. The artist also has an Etsy shop.

CosaNostra Pizza T-shirt – ThinkGeek has shirts that advertise Snow Crash‘s pizza parlor.

Escape from Earth Day – Suvudu ends the world in various interesting ways.

Alchemist Keyboard – Lovely computer keyboard mod.

The Office Kid – A kid-in-a-kit for childless people who are tired of fellow employees using childcare as an excuse to get out of work.

Octopus Chandeliers – Gorgeous tentacly things by Adam Wallacavage.

Savage Chickens – This amused me.

Unicorn Meat – An excellent way to get your RDA of sparkles.

Fight Club: The Return of Hobbes – A rather masterful dissection of Fight Club in which it is explained as (obviously!) a sequel to Calvin and Hobbes.

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