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There’s a “Dark Lord” Joke in Here Somewhere

Imperial Stout LabelThe New England Brewing Company recently reported to that it’s about to ship its Imperial Stout Trooper stout in 750-ml bottles. Shipments will go to CT, MA, RI, NY, and FL, and will be available some time around 12/21.

The beer has actually been available seasonally since 2006, although in a 2007 interview the brewmaster admitted that they figured it would be a one-shot deal because they expected a cease-and-desist order from LucasFilms.

News of the new shipment has inspired a cri de coeur from Topless Robot:

I’ll be checking my local liquor stores, but seriously, Topless Roboteers, please, please, please — if any of you know how I can get a hold of this beer as soon as humanly possible, YOU EMAIL ME. YOU EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY, GODDAMMIT.

So help the poor guy out if you can.

Posted in Ephemera December 11th, 2009 by Chip
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