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Parenting for Geeks

Parenting blogs are thick on the ground, but we geeks who have spawned sometimes feel a little left out. Here’s a roundup of sites aimed at the science-and-technology-obsessed parent.

Geek Parenting – “A blog for pop culture junkies who have spawned, yet refuse to give up their geeky obsessions.”

Mommy Bytes – The blog of a self-professed software geek; half “mommyblog,” half geekery.

Science-Based Parenting – A parenting site aimed at promoting science and skeptical inquiry.

Parent Hacks – A life-hacking site devoted to parenting tips.

Geek Dad – Wired’s popular blog devoted to “raising geek generation 2.0”

Charlie’s Playhouse – “Talking Darwin and evolution with the kids.”

The Geeky Dad – “Brilliant geekery. Clueless parenting.”

Mama PhD – “Mothers attempting to balance parenthood and academics.”

Special and Needy – Personal blog of a mom and math geek.

Baby Toolkit – “Geek parents’ tips, tactics, & gear reviews.”

Parenting Science – “Evidence-based information for the thinking parent.”

The Meming of Life – “On secular parenting and other natural wonders”

Half Full – “Science for raising happy kids.” – “A site for geek parents.”

How to Grow Your Geek – Parenting while being a geek and encouraging same in offspring.

Geek Mom Mashup – A mixture of kids and geekery.

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