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In the Core Marvel Universe….

ComicsAlliance recently reviewed The Punisher #11, in which The Punisher suffers a messy death and is subsequently turned into FrankCastleStein. A reader replied that this concept was rather too ridiculous for “the core Marvel Universe.”

Chris Sims (who also writes the wonderful Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog) responded by listing some of the other things that have been done in “the core Marvel Universe.”

In the Core Marvel Universe, a man who got his powers from the wizard Merlin and fought vampires that were shot out of a cannon on the moon by Dracula (who came to earth in a magic pirate ship), has a twin sister who was kidnapped by an interdimensional television executive and later had her mind transferred to the body of a Japanese assassin who could make a knife out of psychic powers.

From this list, I’m assuming that one of the perks of working for Marvel is all of the LSD you want.


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