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Every Day Carry Choices for SF/F Fans

The CandlePowerForums members are having a long discussion about the everyday tools they’d carry around if they had access to any SF/F technology they wanted. Here’s one list:

Pocket knife: Lightsaber, from Star Wars. Blue blade. Doubles as a torch.
Firearm: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, from Star Wars.
Self-Defense: Ancient Personal Shield, from Stargate Atlantis. Until depleted by damage, it makes you invulnerable to both energy weapons and kinetic impacts. It’s about the size of a cell phone and attaches directly to your body.
Stealth: Asgard personal cloaking device, from Stargate SG-1. Handheld device that makes you invisible.
Scanner / camera: Tricorder from Star Trek Voyager. Acts as both a recording and scanning device that gives lots of information about your surroundings.
First Aid Kit: Asuran Nanites, from Stargate Atlantis, Goa’uld Healing Device from Stargate SG-1. Directly injected into your blood stream, Asuran nanites repair damage nearly instantaneously. The Goa’uld Healing Device is a hand held device that can repair injuries.
Cell phone: Communicator, from Star Trek. This will be the advanced model, which has a built-in universal translator which bestows upon the user an ability to understand nearly all languages.
Multitool: R2-D2, from Star Wars. While not something you carry, he is mobile and can follow you where ever you go, without being too big to be disruptive to your every day life. He can fix practically anything, and has just the right tool for any job.
Flashlight: Eye of Ra, from Stargate SG-1. Not strictly a flashlight, but as one of six potent power sources given to the evil System Lords (which can be combined to level entire civilizations) and as the one bestowed upon Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, it can be safely assumed that it can unleash a lot of lumens.

Here’s the rest of the thread.

What’s your list?

(Hat tip to DaleB)

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