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Link Dump

15 Weirdest Science Stories of 2009 – Roundup from Discoblog.

Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned from Systems Administrators – This makes a lot of sense.

Epic Menorah is Epic – It certainly is.

Star Wars Status Updates – I especially like the Death Star staff complaining about their boss.

Zombocalypse Now – A choose-your-own-adventure book about the zombie apocalypse. You (the protagonist) are a pink stuffed bunny rabbit. Just try and tell me drugs weren’t involved in the creation of this book.

Superman’s Remarks at the Superfriends Christmas Party – Medium Large makes me happy.

Science Cookies – Not So Humble Pie occasionally does cookies with a science theme.

Tree Lobsters! – They make me giggle.

Nautilus Designs – Various designs for Nemo’s sub.

Tauntaun Costume on the Loose – Insanely great “tauntaun and rider” costume.

Top Ten Archaeology Finds of 2009 – List from National Geographic.

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Savage Chickens

From the always-wonderful-often-geeky Savage Chickens

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Silent Matrix

Russian actor’s group “Big Difference” has captured the tropes of silent film surprisingly well.

As Shamus Young (upon whose blog I found this gem) put it, “If The Matrix had been made in the era of silent film, it would have sucked. But it still would have been better than either of the sequels.”

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You Cannot Really Appreciate Shakespeare…

…unless you’ve heard it in the original Klingon.

Here you go, then.

(via SF Signal)

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Silent Night

This is a fairly old ad for DirecTV that’s made the rounds before, but it’s worth posting anyway.

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There’s a “Dark Lord” Joke in Here Somewhere

Imperial Stout LabelThe New England Brewing Company recently reported to that it’s about to ship its Imperial Stout Trooper stout in 750-ml bottles. Shipments will go to CT, MA, RI, NY, and FL, and will be available some time around 12/21.

The beer has actually been available seasonally since 2006, although in a 2007 interview the brewmaster admitted that they figured it would be a one-shot deal because they expected a cease-and-desist order from LucasFilms.

News of the new shipment has inspired a cri de coeur from Topless Robot:

I’ll be checking my local liquor stores, but seriously, Topless Roboteers, please, please, please — if any of you know how I can get a hold of this beer as soon as humanly possible, YOU EMAIL ME. YOU EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY, GODDAMMIT.

So help the poor guy out if you can.

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Parenting for Geeks

Parenting blogs are thick on the ground, but we geeks who have spawned sometimes feel a little left out. Here’s a roundup of sites aimed at the science-and-technology-obsessed parent.

Geek Parenting – “A blog for pop culture junkies who have spawned, yet refuse to give up their geeky obsessions.”

Mommy Bytes – The blog of a self-professed software geek; half “mommyblog,” half geekery.

Science-Based Parenting – A parenting site aimed at promoting science and skeptical inquiry.

Parent Hacks – A life-hacking site devoted to parenting tips.

Geek Dad – Wired’s popular blog devoted to “raising geek generation 2.0”

Charlie’s Playhouse – “Talking Darwin and evolution with the kids.”

The Geeky Dad – “Brilliant geekery. Clueless parenting.”

Mama PhD – “Mothers attempting to balance parenthood and academics.”

Special and Needy – Personal blog of a mom and math geek.

Baby Toolkit – “Geek parents’ tips, tactics, & gear reviews.”

Parenting Science – “Evidence-based information for the thinking parent.”

The Meming of Life – “On secular parenting and other natural wonders”

Half Full – “Science for raising happy kids.” – “A site for geek parents.”

How to Grow Your Geek – Parenting while being a geek and encouraging same in offspring.

Geek Mom Mashup – A mixture of kids and geekery.

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I Have a Business Installing Styrofoam Nuns

Day Job Orchestra (a prog-rock band who makes silly videos on the side) took scenes from ST:TNG and dubbed in random sentences that match the movement of the actors’ mouths.

Now I want apple juice.

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December Belongs to Cthulhu

The blog is devoting the month to all things Cthulhu, including gift suggestions for the Lovecraft aficionado, the “show us your tentacles” art meme, and poems like The Other Other Gods.

There’s Pam, whose gums stink of the sea
And Stephanie the bloated sun
And Omar, called the Goat and Wheel
And what’s-her-name, the nameless one

And Ferdinand, the Leaping Glare!
And Butterscotch the Brutal Snore!
And Ethan Jones of Wichita.
(I don’t know what he’s in here for.)


A running index of all Cthulhu posts is here.

(Hat tip to CeeJay)

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In the Core Marvel Universe….

ComicsAlliance recently reviewed The Punisher #11, in which The Punisher suffers a messy death and is subsequently turned into FrankCastleStein. A reader replied that this concept was rather too ridiculous for “the core Marvel Universe.”

Chris Sims (who also writes the wonderful Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog) responded by listing some of the other things that have been done in “the core Marvel Universe.”

In the Core Marvel Universe, a man who got his powers from the wizard Merlin and fought vampires that were shot out of a cannon on the moon by Dracula (who came to earth in a magic pirate ship), has a twin sister who was kidnapped by an interdimensional television executive and later had her mind transferred to the body of a Japanese assassin who could make a knife out of psychic powers.

From this list, I’m assuming that one of the perks of working for Marvel is all of the LSD you want.


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