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Not Dead Yet

Monty PythonThe Crotchety Old Fan, fed up with yet another article predicting the imminent demise of SF, has created a helpful template to let writers quickly scratch their prognosticatory itch and get on with other things.

The (success) (failure) of (genre) (mainstream) (fantasy) (horror) (science fiction) (speculative fiction) is due to

[] mainstream authors failure to admit that they are writing genre fiction
[] the traitorous behavior of some award winning mainstream authors who embrace genre
[] academics failure to take the genre seriously
[] academics (grudging) (new found) (long time) acceptance of genre fiction
[] mainstream reviewers to take the genre seriously
[] mainstream literary awards failure to take the genre seriously
[] genre awards traitorous acceptance of (bad) (mainstream) (out of genre) (pop) (watered down) works
[] a (un)natural evolution of genre

I got silly and automated it, which should save even more time! Post your auto-rant today!

Posted in Ephemera November 6th, 2009 by Chip
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