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Link Dump

The 10 Rules of Time Travel – 1. At all costs, avoid your ancestors.

Super Social Networking – Facebook statuses of superheroes.

Knit Alien Facehugger – Complete with pattern!

Particle Physics T-shirt – This made me giggle.

Evolution – Nice roundup of the more common arguments by evolution deniers, along with rebuttals.

Mario-Inspired Eveningwear – I’m…speechless.

Hobbit 419 – Y’know, the dwarves’ pitch to Bilbo really does sound a lot like a Nigeria scam.

Dry erase markers + window – Be sure to click the picture link.

Insect Lab – Real insects customized with clock parts and other steampunky goodness. Expensive, but lovely.

The Great Geek Manual – Your one-stop shop for all things geek.

Posted in Ephemera October 12th, 2009 by Chip
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