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Strike a Silly Blow for Science

Tree LobstersOn November 19, the dynamic duo of whackjobbery Kirk “if evolution is real why aren’t there crocoducks?” Cameron and Ray “the existence of god is proved by bananas” Comfort* will be distributing 50,000 free copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species to universities across the U.S. The catch, of course, is that a 50-page introduction (Warning: The stupid at the other end of that link burns) has been added which talks about how evolution has never been proved and how Darwin inspired the Holocaust.

Richard Dawkins suggests that as many copies as possible be collected, the introduction be removed, and the cleansed books be donated to schools and libraries.

Tree Lobsters has another good idea: He’s resized this comic to print out neatly as bookmarks. Print out a few and offer them as a companion to the book. I like it. In much the same way that silver is painful for werewolves, fundies are brought to a standstill by irony.

*I only wish I were making this up. Crockoduck | Bananas

Posted in Science October 7th, 2009 by Chip
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