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It’s Like Julie and Julia with Phasers

My Star Trek Year follows the efforts of a “lapsed Star Trek fan” to watch every episode of all of the ST series plus all the films and also immerse himself in other assorted ST paraphernalia (like reading the novels), all in the course of one year.

I am not a geek. I swear I’m not. There are five Star Trek TV series – six, if you count the short-lived early Seventies cartoon. Prior to this project, I’ve never seen a complete episode of any of the series but the first. And while I was once a pretty big fan of that one I never went off the deep end. No conventions. No Spock ears. No naming my children Uhura, Sulu, Sarek, or whatever.

So why have I set out to watch all 700-plus TV episodes and 11 movies (#12 is in the works – will it ever end?), not to mention taking in assorted and sundry other Star Trek cultural artifacts like books and whatnot – all in the course of one paltry year?

Well, I don’t know, actually. Sorry if that’s anticlimactic, but there it is. Kinda like the chicken and the road.

Carry on.

He appears to have missed his goal somewhat, in that the blog is in its second year, but his tenacity is certainly…arresting.

(via Big Dumb Object)

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