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Link Dump

Geeky Amigurumi – Roundup of amigurumi versions of Marvin the Paranoid Android, Darth Vader, Tom Servo, and many more.

SW Chopsticks – Best. Chopsticks. Ever.

Burial Ground – This comic by AmazingSuperPowers amused me.

Sheep Skull Mouse – Horrorpunk mouse made of brass and part of a sheep skull. I don’t know how functional it would be, but it’s lovely.

Organic Armor – Amazing steampunk and fantasy costume pieces made of lightweight rubber.

Life Will NOT Be Like Star Trek – An essay by Scott Adams.

Songs in Code – if(we!=strangersToLove){u.knowRules=1;i.knowRules=1;me.think{committment:’full’};otherGuy:{type:’any’,delivery:’false’};}

Star Trek Dog – Here, in one photo, is why I like dogs better than cats.

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