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The Clockwork Century

Author Cherie Priest has written several stories set in the same alternate history/steampunkish milieu, including novels Boneshaker (due out in October) and Dreadnought (due in Fall of 2010). She’s put together a site devoted to the stories’ shared world.

Here, it is 1880 (or thereabouts). The Civil War is still underway, drawn out by English interference, a different transportation infrastructure, and a powerful Republic of Texas that discovered oil at Spindletop some fifty years sooner than real life allowed.

The competition of war has led to technological progress and horrors unimaginable, and many people have fled the combating states, hoping for an easier life out west.

Some of them have found it.
Some of have found something else.

The site is new and a bit sparse, but it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. I like her disquisition on Steampunk, here.

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