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Make Yourself a Little Something

MakersCory Doctorow’s new novel Makers will be published in October, and as a runup to the release is serializing the book on its site.

They’ve also created an online tile game which is being serialized along with the book. A total of 80 weird little illustrations were created, one for each chunk of the novel, and they’re drawn in such a way that each of an image’s sides will blend with any other image. You can drag tiles around and rotate them to match rats’ tails with firehoses or whatever else your little heart desires. More tiles will be revealed as more chapters are released, so you can make more complex…um…things.

It’s nice to see this kind of online-specific promotion for a book, although it’s hardly surprising with Doctorow. Having new game pieces released at intervals will keep the book on peoples’ minds until its release, and this kind of game will appeal to its target audience. Somebody in Tor’s marketing department apparently gets it.

Posted in Books & Authors August 7th, 2009 by Chip
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