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Enormous Prop Auction

PropProp house 20th Century Props is closing its doors and selling off its gigantic collection in a Web auction that runs through August 1.

When 20th Century Props decided they had enough, Great American Group was chosen to sell everything down to the bare walls. With over 40 years of collecting and buying, renting and selling, Harvey Schwartz, the owner of 20th Century Props is ready to retire. You’d be hard press to find any movie or television show that hasn’t had one of these props on the set. You’ll find the futuristic shower Tom Cruise used in “Minority Report” to an armchair that starred with Marilyn Monroe in multiple films to the Art Deco chandeliers from “The Aviator” & “Titanic” with Leo DiCaprio. Whether you are a movie buff, a collector, an interior decorator ar just a person with a thing for leopard skin furniture, you’d be crazy not to attend this auction. Bid on site or bid online from the convenience of your PC! Log onto our website at and view over 200,000 square feet of furniture, collectibles, antiques, figurines and artwork from every period in the history of the world.

They’ve got a simply absurd amount of stuff, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a little piece of Hollywood now’s your chance.

Link (via The Steampunk Home)

Posted in News July 30th, 2009 by Chip
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