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SwanwickPhotographer Kyle Cassidy was invited to a party at Michael Swanwick’s house in 2008.

While there I asked if I could see his Hugos, since I knew he had five of them. “Of course!” he said, jovially, and lead me up to his office. This I thought in stunned wonder as my eyes crept across the expanse of it, is a place of great significance and it needs to be seen. It was like I’d cracked open his skull and seen the gears of genius. The best way I can describe it is as a nest, made out of books, as intricate and well assembled as a Nevelson sculpture.

He photographed Swanwick in his lair, and was inspired to take similar photos of several other SF and fantasy authors in their workspaces. His work will have eight pages in the 2009 Worldcon program guide, and he’s currently looking for a publisher for a much larger collection. It’s interesting to see what each author’s space has to say about their personalities.

Link (via John Dickerson)

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