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Ever feel overwhelmed with the choice of what to read, watch, or listen to next? James at Big Dumb Object felt that the resources available to help you make a decision were too cumbersome:

To help you there are a myriad of web sites: catalogue everything you’ve ever read, make friends and let them make suggestions, answer forty two questions. And so on.

All of which are nice, but let’s face it, too much hassle. I’ve been in and out of more book recommendation sites than I can remember and none of them have satisfied what I want. So I decided to build one.

The result is Nexterlizer: Tell it what you read, played, watched, or listened to last, and it will give you exactly one recommendation for what you might like next.

The interface is certainly straightforward, and it seems to do a reasonably good job at making recommendations. You can read more about the project here.

Posted in Computers & Internet July 9th, 2009 by Chip
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