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Link Dump

Time Travel Cheat Sheet – Hang this up in your time machine.

Hunch – Helps you make decisions by harnessing the collective knowledge of Hunch users. This is either a glimpse at the future of the noosphere or the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Religion of Comic Book Characters – Superman’s a Methodist. Who knew?

Nemesis Required – Craigslist post requesting the services of a nemesis.

Star Trek Plate Covers – Switch- and outlet covers which look like control panels from ST:TNG.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters – Giant ants vs. the Cube-Square Law and much more.

Darwin T-shirts – “Very Gradual Change You Can Believe In.”

Star Wars Costumes Don’t Get Worse Than This – Well, technically they do, but these are pretty bad.

Hey! – What if all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park said “hi” instead of roaring? Here’s your answer.

CarboPouch – Beer tubes for astronauts. It’s good to see technology moving in the right direction.

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