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SF/F Stuff to Make with Your Kids

Dinosaur FossilDad Can Do is a resource for cool stuff that dads can do with their children. Luckily, they don’t check to make sure you’re a dad before letting you use their site.

It’s got a whole section devoted to making amazingly beautiful yet relatively simple items like the dinosaur egg “fossil” shown here, steampunk-style goggles, and even a model TARDIS . Each project features lots of pictures, and downloadable detailed instructions are available with a small subscription fee.

There’s all kinds of great project inspiration even if you don’t have kids (although they do make a useful beard). Check ’em out!

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I Have to Agree


From Lore Sjöberg, who never fails to make me happy.

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Speculative Fiction Tropes

TV Tropes (whose horrible power xkcd summarized rather neatly here, so beware) has a whole section devoted to Speculative Fiction.

Transplanted Humans

Long ago, visitors came down from the stars, and took humans (and possibly other Earth species) away to other worlds. Now that we have the ability to travel between those stars, we keep running into our long-lost cousins.

This is an increasingly common (and admittedly pretty good) way to justify Human Aliens, by making alien humans.

One variation is that that’s how we got to Earth, and the origin planet of humanity is somewhere else. This has become less common, however, as evidence that we’re biologically related to other Earth species has become pretty hard to talk your way around.

This trope is often combined with Ancient Astronauts.

From “A Form You Are Comfortable With” to “Zeroth Law Rebellion,” start clicking and say goodbye to several hours.

(via Dark Roasted Blend)

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Chat Engine Upgrade

For those of you who attend our nightly science fiction chats: Hey guys! We fixed it!

For those of you who don’t: We’ve been limping along with a supremely wonky chat engine for quite a long time now, and I finally got sufficiently fed up to do something about it. We’ve got a brand-new chat interface, and it’s really quite spiffy. Come chat with us!

Our hosted chats begin at 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) and run until midnight. You can view the chat schedule here and find the chat room here.


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RIP Charles Brown

Locus is reporting that its publisher, editor, and co-founder Charles N. Brown has passed away.

Link (via Scalzi)

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fish-Men

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society did a musical version of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” This makes me terribly happy.

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Superheroes: The Later Years

Artist Donald Soffritti has put together a large gallery of superheroes and -villains as they’ll look when they’re elderly. I think this and the Invisible Woman are my two favorites.

Link (via Cognitive Dissident)

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Ever feel overwhelmed with the choice of what to read, watch, or listen to next? James at Big Dumb Object felt that the resources available to help you make a decision were too cumbersome:

To help you there are a myriad of web sites: catalogue everything you’ve ever read, make friends and let them make suggestions, answer forty two questions. And so on.

All of which are nice, but let’s face it, too much hassle. I’ve been in and out of more book recommendation sites than I can remember and none of them have satisfied what I want. So I decided to build one.

The result is Nexterlizer: Tell it what you read, played, watched, or listened to last, and it will give you exactly one recommendation for what you might like next.

The interface is certainly straightforward, and it seems to do a reasonably good job at making recommendations. You can read more about the project here.

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“Nautilus” Home Theatre


Somewhere deep in the heart of the Nautilus I’m sure there was a room like this where Captain Nemo could kick back with some popcorn.

Maker Olly Klassen built this gorgeous home cinema in amazingly faithful detail, including gauges on the riveted walls and a beautiful iris in front of the screen. His site includes photos of the finished room, plus construction details and several images of his collection of 20,000 Leagues memorabilia. Lovely!

Link (via Brass Goggles)

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The Cantina Song on…Everything

BoingBoing recently posted a clip of the Cantina Band song from Star Wars being played on a Chapman stick. I recalled a previous post about the same song being played on a ukulele, and knowing the deep impression the song has made on the collective geek psyche, I wondered what other versions might be out there. Here’s what I unearthed.

Chapman Stick:




Ragtime Piano Duet:





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