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Link Dump

“Extreme” Animal Embryos – Neat photos of unusual embryos from National Geographic.

Super – Ian Pool captures superheroes in their off hours (Wonder Woman is borderline NSFW).

The Star Trek Failure Generator – The argine phase-conjugate graviton is collapsing!

Two from Geeks Are Sexy: Geeky Tattoos and Geeky License Plates

Marriage in Zero Gravity – A couple of SF fans are planning the first zero-G wedding.

7 Kids Guaranteed to Become Trekkies – Or deeply resentful of their parents.

Star Wars ABC – A is for Ackbar, B is for Bantha….

2D Goggles – The adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, Steampunk adventurers!

DNA Portrait – They sequence your DNA and give you a framed print of the result.

Terranauts – Print by Etsy seller thecellophanes; this would be attractive as part of a space-themed room.

Bel Air Bathroom Taps – As long as we’re decorating with a space theme, check out these awesome retro rocketship bathroom fixtures.

TNG Edits – YouTube user gazorra has created a series of short, surreal, occasionally disturbing re-cuts of old ST:TNG episodes (and a few Knight Rider for good measure).

Be a Ghostbuster – Apparently they’re hiring.

Swimbots – Charlie’s Playhouse posts about a neat “life” simulator. Sounds like fun.

Good vs. Evil T-shirt – This is completely wonderful.

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