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Link Dump

It’s been a busy week. I’ve got deadlines at work, unexpected travel, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I’m swamped.

So you guys get another link dump.

Badger Cover Gallery – Great collection of campy-looking book covers for SF and fantasy novels.

12 Things the Latest Trailer Taught Me About the New Star Trek – Scenes from the trailer, with appropriate captions.

Amazing and Intriguing Genetically Modified Fruits and Veggies – Some of these–like the lemato–are pretty neat. The article seems to conflate “genetically modified” with “hybridized,” though.

Stefan Morrell – Amazing portfolio of urban-futurist art.

Genpets – Faux-corporate site selling prepackaged bionengineered “pets.” Really rather creepy.

Humans Are Among Us – Fun series of ads for the SciFi Channel.

Cthulhu Chick Tract – Who will be eaten first?

Steampunk Cake – Gorgeous steampunk-themed cake, complete with chocolate “woodwork” and gears.

The Cyborg Name Decoder – Chip = Cybernetic Humanoid Intended for Peacekeeping

This is Rocket Science – Site devoted to illustrations of nuclear spacecraft, secret or unbuilt aircraft, classic SF images, art, illustration and 3D modeling.

The Trilogy Meter – I think I’d agree with most of these ratings.

Electric Bath Duckie – “One Use Only.”

Fantasy Novel Title Generator – Stumped for a title for that big, fat, derivative fantasy novel you just extruded? Have no fear! The Fantasy Title Generator is here! This pumps out surprisingly plausible titles.

Retrofuture Space Flight – Art illustrating the “future past.”

Real Monsters – Mental Floss takes a look at the science behind some of the legends.

Star Trek Inspirational Posters – These have been around forever, but they make me giggle.

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