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See-thru sea-life

This is just bizarre.
(I can never remember how to upload a picture, so here’s the URL)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

The things at the front of its head that look like eyes are actually nostrils. The green bodies inside its head are the eyes.

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Carlos Labs has a cool doodad that shows the thermal damage if you hit a target (like a city) with various nukes…or a big asteroid.

I have no idea if sound is also applied – my speakers don’t work.

Try it on a city you love. Or one you don’t.

I nuked Disneyland :-)

Ground Zero

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Review: Foundation

Another archived review from the prolific and opinionated JohnT….


Let’s start with the standard info. Be warned that this book has been reprinted quite a number of times by different publishers:

Name: Foundation
Author: Isaac Asimov
Published: 1951 in novel form, though the individual stories within were published in Astounding magazine in the proceeding decade.*
Publisher: Avon Books. Currently, Bantam books owns the publishing rights.

The scope of this discussion is the original novel.


Foundation, and its two sequels Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation, tell the story of the collapse of the Galactic Empire and the efforts by a group of scientists to shorten the period of anarchy after the Fall. The novel starts by introducing us to the world of Hari Seldon, the founder of Psychohistory, a mathematical study of psychology which Seldon developed into a very powerful tool for predicting the general flow of history. Seldon is aware that the millennia-old Galactic Empire that he inhabits is in its last days, and while he can do nothing to prevent the crash, his studies in Psychohistory have made him aware of a plan of action that could, if successful, compress the resulting Dark Ages from 30,000 years to a “mere” 1,000. Foundation tells the story of the first 150 years of Seldon’s plan.

“The Psychohistorians”, the first chapter, introduces us to Hari Seldon and shows his efforts to have the two Foundations set up in time before the Empires collapse – we learn that one Foundation is to be placed on the planet “Terminus”, which is located on the periphery of the Empires rule, but we do not learn the location of the 2nd Foundation. Terminus is a metal-poor planet, and is one that is quite vulnerable to attack.

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