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So I ran across this “Are You a Science Fiction Scholar?” quiz in my archives, and think it’s a bit on the easy side (I got 11/11; how about you?). However, since we get a lot of readers who hit this blog and never explore further, it occurs to me that it might be worth mentioning the O*W*C’s own trivia game.

You don’t win anything except bragging rights, but there are several hundred questions and you can play as long as you like. It’s fun to see how many in a row you can get right.

(We also periodically host trivia contests–with prizes and everything!–in our nightly chats. Check our schedule for dates.)

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Hugo Nominations

My yearly reminder – Hugo nominations close on next Saturday February 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

All you potential Hugo nominators (people who attended last year’s Denvention 3, and/or have registered for this year’s Worldcon Anticipation) have just a couple days to get your nomination ballots in!

If you’re submitting your nominations online, sooner is rather better than later, since computers are notorious for being in a world of their own. So don’t wait until the 28th: now is good.

If you don’t nominate … DON’T COMPLAIN!

Recommendations can be found at
Hugo Recommendations on LJ
Nesfa Recommendations
Locus Magazine
Authors Eligible for the Campbell

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