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What Are You Doing for Darwin Day?


Darwin Day celebrates Charles Darwin’s birthday (February 12, 2009 will be the 200th anniversary of his birth) and also provides an opportunity “to highlight Darwin’s contribution to science and to promote science in general.”

If you’d like to find celebrations in your area, check out for a list of events (you can also register your own).

Here are a few other Darwin- and evolution-related links you might enjoy:

Charlie’s Playhouse is an online toy store that sells toys and games inspired by Darwin. They’ve also compiled a list of children’s books about evolution, and have recently started an excellent blog. (via Rational Moms)

The Listverse site has a great rundown of The Top 10 Signs of Evolution in Modern Humans, including goosebumps, wisdom teeth, and the coccyx.

Over at Atomic Nerds, LabRat has an interesting post about lab-created life, with a mini-rant about Creationists in the bargain.

The Godless Heathen has a nice roundup of Common Misconceptions About Evolution.

Previously mentioned but worth repeating, Scientific American rebuts Creationism with 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and evolve!

Update: There’s also a Facebook group you can join. They’re trying to get 200,000 members to wish Darwin a happy bicentennial.

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