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Trivia Answers

The answers to our trivia quiz are:

Answer 1: “The Star.” The supernova had been the Star of Bethlehem

Answer 2: E) Orson Scott Card

Answer 3: Mars.

Answer 4: C) 17,500

Answer 5: Jupiter

Answer 6: True! NORAD tracks Santa’s progress from the North Pole as he delivers toys worldwide. You can see where Santa is at:

Answer 7: Connie Willis

Answer 8: B) DANCE IN BLUE

Answer 9: SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS. Side note: This features Pia Zadora as Girmar, one of the Martian kids (she started doing bad movies early).

Answer 10: C) He rips your head off and stuffs you full of toys. The robot, voiced by John Goodman, has a malfunction in his program that makes him think everybody is naughty.

Answer 11: Jesus Christ

Answer 12: A) Gene Wolfe

Answer 13: Tim Powers and James Blaylock

Answer 14: True! The show was broadcast only once (in 1978), then forever banished to Lucas’ movie vaults because it was so doggoned bad.

Answer 15: Patrick Stewart.

Answer 16: D) Love, understanding, and good will to men

Answer 17: Spider Robinson

Answer 18: A) Scully’s sister. She believes that the child is the daughter of her deceased sister, Melissa.


Answer 20: D) Wheels

Answer 21: Damon Knight

Answer 22: B) Night of the Meek. Legend has it Serling wrote the episode just to see Art Carney play Santa Claus.

Answer 23: William Gibson


Answer 25: True! According to Paramount’s Syndication Group, there are no specific Christmas-themed Star Trek episodes.

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